The Salty Dog Hotel, Kingston, Tasmania

2016 Eat Drink Design Awards

Shortlist - 'Best Restaurant Design'

Brustman + Boyde in Collaboraion with Pippa Dickson for Salty Dog Hotel.

Interior Design - Danielle Brustman and Michelle Boyde in collaboration with Pippa Dickson

Feature artcle published in September issue Artichoke Magazine and Architecture Review

Clients: Pippa Dickson Mark Wilsdon and James Polly Polanowski ( Candy Ab )

Builder - Paul Reece  ( Reece Builders )

Bespoke joinery - Designed by Brustman& Boyde in collaboration with Laura McCusker , Peter Howard, Ben Chuter, Made by Laura McCusker Furniture.

Tasmanian Oak tables - Designed by Laura McCusker Furniture.

Bespoke light features - Designed by Brustman&Boyde in collaboration with Earl Pinto . Made by Earl Pinto

Cylindrical bar lights - Designed and made by Earl Pinto

Bespoke Circular Booth -  Designed by Brustman & Boyde in collaboration with Pippa Dickson and Knightsbridge Furniture. Made by Knightsbridge Furniture.

Blue Benches -  Designed by Alki, Supplied by Cosh Living

Split Chair - Designed by Arik Levy, Manufactured by Ton

Gold OTY boxes, Astro, Palermo, BrightGreen can lights - Supplied by ECC lighting

Exterior Signage - Designed by Siobhan Wilsdon

image 1 - Michelle Boyde

image 2,4,8,9 - Danelle Brustman

image 3,6,7,10 - Adam Gibson

image 5 -  Gabrielle Walsh

image 11 - Mark Wilsdon

image 12 - Pippa Dickson ( Artichokde Magazine feature article)


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